1. How do I know that it is safe to let the aide into my home?

Immaculate Healthcare Services, Incorporated employees must wear Identification Badges at all times. If someone comes to your home and claims to be an Immaculate employee, do NOT let them into your home.

2. Can I sign the home health aide's time sheet if they leave my home early or do not work the shift         assigned for me?

Please DO NOT sign the home health aide's time sheet until the END OF THE WORK Day. It is Medicaid fraud to sign for hours that the aide did NOT work and you can lose your Medicaid. The home health aide must work the hours assigned or you must only sign for the number of hours the employee worked.

3. How often will the nurse come and see me?

The nurse should visit you once a month unless your doctor orders additional visits that depend upon your health condition. If you have not seen your nurse as scheduled each month, please call us at 202-832-8340 and ask for Winstina Taylor RN QUALITY ASSURANCE DIRECTOR.

4. What if my home health hours are stopped or reduced and I do not agree?

Personal Care Assistance is based upon need and your inability to perform certain activities of daily living (ADLs) that allows you to remain in your home and community. If you are assessed by a nurse or case manager and it is determined that you are able to perform your ADLs, without any assistance, your hours will be reduced or discontinued. You have a right to appeal this decision and can request a Fair Hearing by calling the DC Health Care Advocate at 202-724-7491. The agency cannot take any action until a decision is made by a neutral party (Administrative Hearing Officer) for the District of Columbia.

5. Can my home health aide bring their child or a friend to my home while they are working for me?

No. Home Health Aides may NOT bring anyone to your home. This is not safe and if someone, other than the employee, is injured in your home, you could be liable for any damages/law suits.

6. How can I trust strangers to work in my home?

Home Health Aides have undergone police clearances and background checks.

7. Can the Home Health Aide eat my food?

No. Home Health Aides are not allowed to eat your food? They must bring their own meals.

8. What if my aide talks on the phone a lot and refuses to help me in my home?

Any complaints about excessive telephone calls/behavior or refusals to do work assignments may be made to Ms Winstina Taylor at 202-832-8340

9. What is my Home Health Aide supposed to do?

Your Aide helps with light housekeeping, cooking, preparing meals, bathing, reminding you to take your medication/use the phone (if needed), does the laundry, runs errands to the

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